Wolfram & Hart

This colorway idea is from a combination of things: my husband’s new Creepshow vinyl from Waxwork Records and from an idea submitted by CSDye Group Member chaosgeek from Ravelry. She submitted an idea and called it Wolfram & Hart:

a dark, murky “pure evil”, deep tonal charcoal with touches of blood red

This color pairing had already been on my mind with the Creepshow vinyl we just got in a few weeks ago, but I had no idea how to translate it to work with the vibe of my shop. The Wolfram & Hart suggestion is perfect and is taken from the fictional law firm of the same name from the Angel television series. A description from Wikipedia states:

"The Wolf, The Ram, and The Hart” are the names of the members in an ancient trio of true demons. The group was at one point, before the dawn of human history, considered relatively insignificant, and was not regarded as a threat by the Old Ones. After humanity’s triumph over the demons they remained, and slowly gained power and influence, eventually leaving this dimension altogether. In the present day on Earth they are referred to as the Senior Partners by their employees, and enact their will through various puppet organizations. One of the groups they command on Earth is the ‘law firm’ ‘“Wolfram & Hart”’. While the Senior Partners have left Earth’s dimension, the source of Wolfram & Hart’s power, the Home Office, exists on Earth itself. Without the evil residing within every living person, the firm would not exist.

This colorway is the first venture into the realm of science-fiction for CSDye. My colorways will not always be so strict in their ties to forensics and law but my other interests as well; thrillers, demons, dark and twisted stories, tales of the supernatural.

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