Wadsworth - Dyed to Order

Wadsworth is the third in what is going to be a series of yarn colors available in the shop, based on the board game and the 1985 movie Clue!!! Clue is in my top 5 of favorite 80s movies and my husband and I love it so much, we routinely quote lines from it. Wadsworth was Tim Curry’s character in the movie and his character was essentially the driving force of the comedic hilarity behind Clue. Wadsworth steered the group through their murder mystery adventure and had some of the greatest scenes in the movie. The movie had three possible endings, and this colorway is based on the ending where Wadsworth was the killer, found to have the missing revolver in his possession. I have dyed Wadsworth as an interpretation of the H&R Model 733 revolver that was used in the movie with tonal blacks and grays to represent a dark gunmetal finish.

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