Tempest - Dyed to Order

I love Spring. It's right about this time of the year that, it never fails, I get a serious case of Spring Fever. The gardening catalogs have made their arrivals showing the season's newest varieties of seeds and flowers; the weather is gradually getting warmer and there are hints of beautiful days ahead; and the grass is trying to come back to life under the cover of last season's brown fodder. My favorite part though? A good Spring thunderstorm.

Tempest, is inspired by the swirling purple-gray skies of the Spring storm season. I love to sit on our porch and watch the storm clouds roll in and powerfully dance in the open sky. It's an exhilarating feeling to watch the power of nature before you and to see how quickly a calm day can be taken over by a roaring tempest. Tempest combines a stormy mix of lavender and cloud gray with gentle pops of light azure, representing the tiny glimmers of blue sky sometimes seen through the storm clouds.

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