Primer - Dyed to Order

In a large number of the calls I answer as a CSI, I encounter weapons of all sorts. Brass knuckles, knives, baseball bats - you name it! But nothing is more common than firearms and their assorted ammunition. Over the years I've grown to learn a lot about firearms. One of my favorite aspects of firearms and ballistics is ammunition - the different types, styles, calibers, and methods of construction. Primer is inspired by one of the identifying aspects of Centerfire Ammunition; the often silver colored metal cup on the base of the cartridge that contains the explosive material of a bullet. Primer is a medium gray, silvery-chrome, semi-solid colorway, beautiful both on its own and paired together with the other semi-solid colorways from the shop. Try Primer with Professor Plum, Dark Malachite or Colonel Mustard and watch your knits explode with beauty!

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