Miss Scarlet - Dyed to Order

Miss Scarlet is the fourth in what is going to be a series of yarn colors available in the shop, based on the board game and the 1985 movie Clue!!! Clue is in my top 5 of favorite 80s movies and my husband and I love it so much, we routinely quote lines from it. Miss Scarlet was Leslie Ann Warren’s character in the movie, a madam who is the proprietor of a brothel. Scarlet Red is such a fitting color for this character as it evokes so many strong emotions including love, lust and anger. I have dyed Miss Scarlet as a deep tonal red with washes of black and gray. It is also a perfect pairing for projects using Wolfram & Hart!

Note: Although it is rinsed very thoroughly, this color is saturated and may bleed a little. It is not recommended for pairing with or washing with pale colors.

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