Carina - Dyed to Order

After long, hot summer days, I so look forward to the calm and cooler starry nights. Whether we're camping under the stars or just hanging out on our deck, I love to look up at the stars and wonder about our place in life. It's a truly humbling feeling looking out into space and realizing just how small we really are in this vast universe.

Carina is named after the amazing Hubble Telescope photos of the Carina Nebula. I get speechless looking at photos of other galaxies and the unbelievable beauty in the space dust and stars. Carina is a mix of royal blues, blue-grays, magenta reds, minty greens and cool purples. These jewel tones have been photographed over 6,500 light years away but will be even more beautiful as part of your handmade projects.

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