In the weeks leading up to April 8, 1990, a nine year old girl's life was forever changed by a simple television tagline; "Who Killed Laura Palmer?" I was fascinated by the question and was bound and determined to solve the mystery in the serial drama, Twin Peaks. Twenty-four years ago, as that nine year old little girl, I had no idea the effect Twin Peaks would have on my life today.


I am from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada and I currently live in South Central, Kentucky. I work full time as a Crime Scene Investigator. Since Twin Peaks aired, I have been fascinated by puzzles, "whodunits", crime and justice. I went to university for Forensic Anthropology and my career as a CSI has afforded me many amazing opportunities, including training at the world renowned Body Farm in Knoxville, Tennessee. I am passionate about forensic science, mysteries, thrillers and all things that go bump in the night. Being a CSI is definitely a trying career and over the years, knitting has become my relief from the stress. More recently, I began dyeing wool. Daily, I am inspired by the colors I see in my career and the investigative shows and movies I watch. There is so much beauty to be found in nature, science and forensics and I cannot wait to share the works of CSDye with you!

My Products

CSDye has started from of the encouragement of friends and loved ones to share my creativity with others. The yarn bases I am offering have been chosen for their quality and I have dyed them with great care and attention to detail. Additionally, the colorways I dye are unique and all have a personal meaning to me. My yarn comes from a dog friendly home however the pets do not come in contact with the yarn available for purchase.